Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"How to Build a Snowman"

The little people and I have been learning all about snowmen this week.  Monday we brainstormed a list of things you would need to build a snowman and read several exciting books!  One of our favorites was "Snowmen at Night" by Caralyn Buehner.  Today was read another book by Ms. Buehner on the Smartboard called "Snowmen all Year".  They are super excited about her latest book "Snowmen at Work" which we're going to read tomorrow.  Hidden within the illustrations of the books are other little pictures.  It was a lot of fun looking for the hidden pictures today on the Smartboard.  

Sequencing is one of the goals on our report card in kindergarten.  So, for writing yesterday and today the little people wrote steps for building a snowman.  They are doing an excellent job stretching out their words or using their resources within the classroom to find words they might need in their writing.  Here are a couple of their pieces! By the way, these are from my "Snowmen at Work" unit on TPT.

 (First, roll three snowball. And mittens, eyes and broom.  Next, I will give him a scarf, and hot cocoa and some boots.  Then, a snowflake pipe.  Last, the snow falls down on me.)
 (First, you roll three snowballs.  Next, I will give him a carrot.  
Then, we need to get eyes.  Last, get a mouth.)
(First, roll three snowballs.  Next, put a carrot nose on him.  
Then, put on buttons.  Last, give him arms.)

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