Monday, January 7, 2013

My Baby Girl is Getting Married!!

Oh, that's sounds so weird!  It just seems like yesterday she was born and now she's all gone up and getting married this summer!  She'll finish her Early Childhood degree in May and then she's getting hitched on August 3rd to a super great guy! Thought I'd share with you all a few of the dresses she tried on yesterday.  Of course none of the chosen few (my pictures) show the beautiful dress she'll be wearing on that special day.  Didn't want to spoil the surprise!  Now, let me just say Kaele isn't a girly girl.  She likes to dress up, but nothing to frilly.  So, this first dress was a bit of a surprise when she decided she wanted to try it on.  :0)

Look at all of those layers of toulon lace!!
 This one was really pretty with all of the lace and bead work!
 We decided this one was too much like one of her sister-in-laws.  She also thought it was a little to form fitting.  She'll probably kill me when she finds out I shared these with you.  I didn't know it, but she was nervous and it was just her, her mother-in-law to be and me. 
 Loved this one!  It was in the top four, but didn't win the final vote.  I couldn't believe it when she picked the one I liked best out of like 12 gowns!  She's more like her mother than she'd ever admit.  She's even going to be a teacher just like me.  She's also become quite crafty.  Another thing she was never going to do or become, lol.  I love it!!  And her!!


  1. I like the bottom dress. It's gorgeous.

  2. Hi Ronnie,
    If she hadn't chosen the other day, it probably would have been the one. :0)