Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sneezy the Snowman!

The past couple of days we've been enjoying activities about "Sneezy the Snowman" from Deanna Jump's unit.  You can get her unit here!   Sneezy is a little snowman who has a cold and wants to be warm.  He tries several things to warm himself up, but each time he melts. 

 First, let me say I'm super proud of how well these little people are writing in kindergarten.  It's amazing!  Especially when you think about many of them didn't know any of their letters and sounds when the year started.  And, their illustrations are fantastic!!  Wow!

Below are 3 examples of things Sneezy did to warm up!  Yikes!  

 "A snowman should not sit by the fire, because he will melt."
 "A snowman should not drink hot cocoa, because he will melt."
 "A snowman should not sit in a hot tub, because he will melt."

Below are couple of examples of times your child helped someone out.  I love how they really thought about how they help someone in need!

 "I help my mommy cook when she needs help.  When I help her she helps me.  She like it."
 "When somebody falls down I help them get up. Then they like it.  When I falls down I hope somebody will help me up."
"Because I make her happy.  I be helpful for her when I pick up her room with her."

Next, I asked the boys/girls to draw and label the 3 things Sneezy did that were not good choices and tell what happened as a result.  Below you will find their thoughts!  Enjoy!
 "Down, down, down, down, down, he melted down.  Eek!"
 "He melted."
 "He melted all gone!"
"Make me brand new." "He melted."

How cute are these?!!

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  1. Great ideas,
    Do you copies of these worksheets? I would like to use some of these ideas with our kindergarten class.