Saturday, December 28, 2013

Kindergarten Daily Math - January!

I just finished up and posted "Kindergarten Daily Math - January" to TPT.  I've been using Daily Math with my little people all year to strengthen and reinforce their knowledge on the Common Core Standards for kindergarten.  Each month builds on the previous math activities and introduces new standards, which we covered in our whole group mini lesson time the month before.  Here are a few pages to show you what's included and how I use each one.

The above page is one of the pages included that reviews and introduces new standards.  Last month in December, we started working on the standards of describing attributes of objects and also counting by tens and ones.  New this month is subtraction and decomposing numbers, which we've been working on whole group in class throughout December.

 The above page and the one below are on the back activities we work on every day.  One day might be writing their numbers to 20 and the next day to write the next numbers in a sequence.  I've tried to keep the numbers below the number of days we've been in school, so the little ones that need to use our number line are able to use it as a resource.

 There are 6 story problems included with the January packet.  I left out the numbers, so you could differentiate for your little ones using smaller numbers for those still needing support and larger numbers for those who are a little advanced.

And last, there are also 2 pictures included to do a short Math Talk with your little ones.  During Math Talk we discuss what they notice in the pictures.  My little guys are getting pretty good about using terms such as:  above, below, beside, etc. to describe where something is in comparison to something else.  We also count objects they notice in the pictures.  Sometimes it works out that we're able to count by 2's, 5's and even 10's.  I also like to pose questions or problems for the children to solve which go along with the pictures.  

What are some ways you help your little ones review and learn the standards?


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