Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Central Illinois Tornado Relief Effort!!

Thought I'd share some pictures of some of our high school students working in Washington, Illinois last Tuesday. My husband's Building Trades Class and Mr. Snowman's Machine Tools Class took a "fieldtrip" to help with clean up. 

They began their day by being processed through the Tazewell County Volunteer Reception Center which was being manned by AmeriCorps. From there they were able to go to an area and see the damage that had been done by the tornado. They spent the rest or the day working in two different distribution centers. Because most of the students were under the age of 18, they were not able to be out in the fields cleaning up debris (which is where they really wanted to be). 

One of the things I found neat was Washington and Canton are rivals during our sporting seasons. During part of the afternoon these boys worked alongside students from Washington High School as teammates, rather than rivals!! It always amazes me how God takes a bad situation and makes it a great experience for all!!
If you're interested in donating to the "Central Illinois Tornado Relief Fund" just click on one of the pictures.  They will take you to a special TPT store where 100% of the funds raised are being donated to the Red Cross earmarked for the tornado victims of Illinois!!

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