Thursday, December 6, 2012

Run, Run, Rudolph!!

Oh I can't wait for you to see our adorable little reindeer my kinders made for their parents for Christmas!  I'm including the directions in case anyone is so inclined to make them.  So easy, yet so cute!  Prior to painting, I cut a 5x7 piece of white cardstock and an 8x10 piece of black or red construction paper.  The first day, I painted each little darlings hand with brown paint and we smooshed it onto the cardstock.  After allowing to dry overnight, we began step 2.  We started with our "big" red noses.  Then, they added fingerprint bulbs.  Each time they changed colors I wiped off their finger.  Oh, I guess I should tell you we did these during center time.  I just called them over three or four at a time.  Once all of their bulbs were painted we added the eyes.  Time to let them dry again! The final step was the squiggly lines for the cord to the string of lights.  I will admit, for my kindergarteners I added the squiggly lines.  I was a little worried they might get carried away with the black marker.  With older students they might be more proficient with the squiggles.  I made little tags for each child and bought frames for their art work at Dollar Tree for a dollar.  The size of the frame is 8x10.  Aren't they just perfect?!  I think they turned out too cute!!  Let me know what you think!!

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