Saturday, December 8, 2012

Inferring with No, David!!

Whew!  Writing about our inferences is hard work!  The little people are super at looking at pictures from the "No, David" books and making inferences.  We look at the evidence or clues in the pictures combine it with their background knowledge to make a decision about what they think is happening in the picture.  Below you will find a couple of example of a writing activity we did to go along with one of the pictures from "David Goes to School."  It was lots of fun and a little challenging for kindergarteners.  But, they were amazing thinkers!!  This adorable idea originated from "The First Grade Parade."  Cara Carroll has some amazing ideas on her blog.  Click the link above to check out her blog.  I'm looking for some additional ideas for inferring.  
Do any of you have any cute inferring activities we could try??

Here is the picture we used for this writing activity.
Here are our inferences!
 Our pictures of David along with our inferences!
 A couple of close ups!
What is David Doing?  David is doing paint.
My inference... I inference David is painting.
A clue that helped me make my inference...  David will get paint on the girl,
 because he has paint on his hand.
 What is David Doing?  He is getting paint on the girl.
My inference... He is going to get paint on the girl.
A clue that helped me make my inference...He has paint on his hand.

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