Sunday, August 26, 2012

I would like to share with you our "Math Calendar Wall".  I have to admit I search the web for different ideas on how to go about doing a Math Wall.  Many of you had some awesome ideas and I reworked them to fit my kindergarteners' needs.  Each day the children will participate in learning about a special number.  Tomorrow our number will be the number 4.  Our activities for the day will focus around the number 4.  These activities hopefully will help your child build number sense and help with number fluency, as well as, emphasizing the Math Common Core Standards for Kindergarten.  

Below I will share with you each of the activities and what the children will do with each.

Here is what the page in our Math Notebook looks like for August!  Please keep in mind it will change some over the course of the year reflecting new skills and Standards being introduced and taught during our Calendar Math time! Kathleen Pedersen of "Growing Kinders" has a whole package available over at her TPT store if you're interested.

Each day we add the date to our calendar on the chalkboard and write the date in our Calendar Math books.  The students highlight the day of the week using a crayon, what day tomorrow will be and write in the triangle how many days we've been in school while I'm modeling how to do this own the board, as well as in a notebook like theirs. These 2 activities will help the children learn the sequence of numbers which is Math Common Core Standard K.CC.3. 

Learning to count on from a given number is part of the Math Standard K.CC. 2).  So, this next activity will helps us with this concept during the year.   "What comes next?" is also Standard K.CC.4c. By using the "Shape Pattern" we are working on Standard K.G 5, which asks children to build and draw shapes. I felt it was important for them to understand patterns, so I chose to include this along with shapes.

Using our "Tally Marks" box we will add the correct number of tallies daily to reflect the number of days we've been in school.  As our number climbs we will be counting our tallies by 5's and 10's and ones emphasizing Common Core Math Standard K.CC. 1).

Number Bonds and Dominoes will help the children understand different combinations can be added together to make the same number.  Math Standard K.OA 3 asks the children to decompose numbers into pairs in more than one way. For example: 5 = 2 + 3  and 5 = 4 + 1). Standard K.OA 5 asks children to fluently add and subtract number combinations to 5. And, Standard K.NBT 1 asks children to compose and decompose numbers from 11-19 into tens and ones using objects or drawings or equations.  Wow!  Look what all we'll accomplish with our dominoes and number bond activities!!

At the end of each month the children will take home his/her pages from their Calendar Math notebooks for the month we are just finishing up with.  We will begin a new month of Calendar Math, sometimes with some new activities to introduce and reinforce the Math Common Core Standards.  Feel free to reinforce these concepts at home as well!! 

*Sidenote:  Each month we will go back and review the numbers, but our "We've Been in School ? Days" and our "Tally Marks" will continue to grow!!

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