Sunday, August 12, 2012

Aloha!  I thought I'd share a few pictures of my new kindergarten room with you.  This year my kindergarten partner in crime and I are doing a "Luau" theme for our classrooms.  So, my sweet, sweet husband helped me build each us a "Reading Hut"! Stole this adorable idea from Pinterest!  I just love all of the wonderful ideas on there.
Check it out below!

In this next picture you can see some of the children reading tubs.  Half of their tubs are lined up on top of one of my bookshelves and the other half are to the left of the "Reading Hut".

Next are my new crate chairs!  Another fantastic idea from many of you and Pinterest.  I decided to cover mine with black vinyl.  I was a little worried about kindergarteners and cloth covers.  I wanted something I could easily wipe off and we'd be good to go.  So far, I have green and red ones done.  I'm working on some blue ones too!  Whoo!  Hoo!!

Right as you come in our classroom door you will find our "Bus" charts.  Many of our students ride buses.  I also have signs a few down for walkers and picker uppers.  You just can't see them in the picture.  Loved the bows many of you had so I added some throughout my classroom.  I can't tell you how exciting it is to have an actual classroom to myself this year.  For the past 6 years I've been teaching Title I Reading.  There were 3 of us sharing a room, so to get to decorate a whole room all by myself is amazing!  :0)

Right beside the bus chart is our "sink"area.  Lovely, right?!
Next up, the computer station.  I have 2 computers for kiddos to use.  So here it is!
On my back wall are the color word signs I made using clipart from Nikki at Melonheadz.  The theme was "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" with a few extra.  :0)
 Below you will find pictures of different book areas around the room.  I have a couple of bookshelves with books just for the kids.  They are sorted by genre, authors, etc. both for fiction and nonfiction.  We also teach the comprehension strategies, so I have many of my books to model with sorted by strategy.  These are the books under Bob the Builder.  Who by the way, really talks.  Scares me every once in a while, lol.

My writing station will probably be one of our tables close to the supply rack.  The next picture is of the rack with all of the goodies little ones might need to write.  From sticky notes, to crayons, to scissors and glue. Oooh!  La! La! What fun!  Can't wait to see what they create and write about!
This is our Popcorn Word Wall!  Complete with a hula dancer!  Our popcorn words have a Hawaiian theme to them as well.

Last of all, here are their mailboxes and community supply baskets.  We are using "Luau" binders and I'm trying to decide if we're going to put them in their mailboxes or on the cart right inside the door.  Any suggestions??  

Well, that's it.  Our classroom!!

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