Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Vacation and Grandbabies!!!

Hi y'all!
I know this is a teaching blog, but sometimes it's just fun to share family!   

My son and his wife just returned from their vacation up in Chetek, Wisconsin.  My husband and I have been discussing about going up to Wisconsin in the near future to try out the four-wheeler trails.  They look so fun!!  Any recommendations???  I know some of you live in that area, so what do you think??

Any who, I thought I'd share a few pictures of my adorable little babies!  Who doesn't love seeing pictures of little ones?!  So, sit back and enjoy!

This cool little dude is Wesson!  He is going to be a first grader this next school year and the oldest of all of my grandbabies!  Not so much a baby anymore! 
 This is him last year on Father's Day!                             This handsome little guy is Wyatt!  He's 3 and always a happy little guy!!
 Wyatt a year ago on Father's Day!  Love the expression!!          And, this little cutie pie is Willow! 
 Lovin' the swing at the cabin!  Look at that smile!!  Love it!

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