Thursday, July 16, 2015

Throw Back Science Post!!

This year we tried to do science experiments 3 afternoons a week!  To say the kids were always asking if it was science time would be an understatement!  They loved science!!!  

So, tonight I thought I'd share a little on our egg science!!  Now, these experiments were done in April, so please forgive me for not posting on my blog sooner.  I did post them on my school facebook page, so they didn't really happen today.  This is the post I shared with my parents!!  Hope you're able to grab a few ideas to use with your little ones this next school year!!

Today we traveled outside to perform our science experiments with eggs!  It was so much fun and these little people could hardly wait for the day to be half over, so we could go outside and see what would happen with our eggs.  Yes, we used real fresh eggs!  No, they were not hard boiled.  Needless to say, we had a few little egg white and yolk spills, but no biggie!  Too much fun!

I think their favorite experiment was the one involving inertia.  To perform this experiment we filled a glass cup with water, put a tin pie plate on top of the glass.  Then, we put a toilet paper roll on the pie tin right above the glass.  On the tippy top of the toilet paper roll we put a fresh egg.  Finally, you hit the side of the tin pie plate with your hand.  The plate slide off and the toilet paper roll holds the egg in the air for just a moment and then drops into the glass of water.  The first time Mrs. McLaren hit the tin, the egg did not fall into the glass.  However, the next time it did.  Cheers from all the little people!!  Yeah!

The pictures where you see the green paper plate was another really cool experiment.  For this one all you need is a paper plate, an egg and an empty water bottle.  Crack the egg onto the paper plate.  Gently place the water bottle right over the yolk.  Squeeze the water bottle and suck the yolk up into the bottle.  So cool!!!

The last group of pictures shows the little cowpokes trying to break the eggs by squeezing them.  If you put your hand around an egg and squeeze it will not break.  If you hold the egg by your index finger and thumb with one on the top and one on the bottom and squeeze, again it will not break.  Amazing!

We have one experiment we are going to have to try again.  It didn't work out today.  You need a glass jar (we tried it with plastic), a piece of paper to burn, a lighter or matches and an egg.  The egg needs to be a little fatter than the opening on the jar.  You light the paper on fire, drop it into the jar and place the egg up and down on the jar.  The heat is supposed to soften the membrane of the egg to allow it to drop down into the jar.  We were not successful today, but we will be trying again!!   

Hope you enjoy our pictures and maybe try some of these fun "eggy" experiments at home with your little ones!!

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