Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Walruses, and More Walruses!!

This week we've spent time finishing up our walrus study.  We have learned so many fascinating facts.  Did you know male walruses are about 12 feet long and can eat 3000 clams in one day?  Yikes!  That's a lot of clams.  The little people were also fascinated with the fact they can dive 300 feet down into the ocean.  Of course we had to measure how far that would be.  Needless to say, it took a little while and when we waves at our friends on one end they looked awfully teeny!  

Here's a picture of our information chart!!
 What we "thought" we knew prior to reading our informational text.
 Our new learning...
Things we found out about walruses that we thought we knew, but weren't quite right.
Here are some fun activities we did with "Tooth Trouble".  This first activities comes from Deanna Jump's Arctic Animal unit.  We were reviewing Text-to-Self connections.  The little people did an excellent job sharing what you should do to keep your teeth healthy.

 This one is from one of my little guys who was really struggling at the beginning of the year and still doesn't know quite all of his sounds.  But, isn't this amazing!?  I'm so super proud of him.  He did this all by himself!!
Okay, I'm almost done for the night.  These next pictures are from an idea shared by Cara Carroll on her website.  We had learned walruses are able to whistle.  So, we graphed whether or not we could whistle and then did our pictures of us as walruses.  I have to tell you my principal came in for her walk thru while we were doing this activities and one of my little boys showed how awesome kinders thinks while she was there.  Now, we had 9 people who could whistle and 11 who couldn't.  But, we had only counted the people who could on our bar graph.  This little guy piped right up (in just a blink of an eye) and said there are 11 who can't whistle.  So, me being me asked him how he figured it out so fast.  He said, "I looked at the whistlers and knew it was 9.  So, I just counted on 2 more."  Wowie, wow, wow!  Amazing!  I love it!
Okay, on to the pictures of our whistling walrus selves!

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