Thursday, February 28, 2013

Honest Abe and General Washington!!
This is just a real quick post to share with you all our directed drawing of 2 of our favorite presidents!! The directions came from Suzanne over at Kindergarten Planet. I'm quite partial to Abe, being from Illinois and all!! Check them out! Aren't they just too cute?!
 Honest Abe!  Love the eyes!
 It looks like he's thinking about something important here!
 Very detailed, right down to the eyelashes!
 Quite the smile!
Just love these guys! 
 He's quite patriotic!  Check out the uniform!  Red, white and blue!
 So serious, our General!
 I love this one!  He looks kind of cute for George!
 Adorable!  Who knew kindergarteners were such good little artists!!

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