Saturday, July 14, 2012

Chapter 5 - Read to Someone

Reading with others helps children become more independent readers and also more fluent.  "Research shows that taking turns reading increases reading involvement, attention and collaboration".  Over my years of teaching I have found that children love to read to each other.  Sharing books together helps them become better readers.  It makes so much sense!  
"Why do we have you read to someone"?  
1.  Get better at reading
2. Helps with our fluency
3.  It helps us practice our reading skills and strategies
4.  It's fun!!

I love "EEKK" (elbow, to elbow and knee to knee).  There is a really cute little poem out there on Pinterest about "EEKK".  

Read to Someone Definitions
1.  EEKK
2.  I Read, You Read
3.  Choral Read
4.  Reading One Book
5.  Reading Different Books
6.  Check for Understanding

Things I need to remember:
Go slow!!
Introduce the different skills one at a time
After each one practice, regroup and discuss, then practice again!
Check for Understanding

Why listen to reading?
1.  Helps us become better readers
2.  Helps us understand new words and stories
3.  It's fun!

Things I need to remember:
Brainstorm expectations together
Model, practice, share, repeat
Review daily when introducing each component of the Daily 5

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