Saturday, July 14, 2012

Chapter 4 - Read to Self

Sorry!  I am so far behind on my Daily 5 posts!  I promise I will get caught up soon!
"Key to Successful Implementation - Start with small steps and build as you go."  
Each component of the D5 is based on the gradual release of responsibility.  You should begin by describing the new skill, modeling it, practicing it, talking about it and then repeating.  

"3 Ways to Read a Book"
1.  Read the words
2.  Read the pictures
3.  Retell a familiar or previously read book

With your students make an "I-Chart  -  Read to Self, Independence"
Why do we read to ourselves?  To become a better reader!

One thing I want to make sure I remember when introducing the "Read to Self" to my students begin with only 3 minutes the first day.  I need to remember to tell them we're building "stamina" and "training their muscle memories" to do the appropriate thing.  To practice, regroup and practice again will be key to the success of the Daily 5.

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