About Me

I am a Christian, wife, mom and mamaw!  I am the mother of 3 wonderful children. Well, they're more like wonderful adults now. But, to me they will always be kids. My two sons are married to wonderful girls who both work in education and my daughter just finished her second year of teaching in a small central Illinois community. She always said she wouldn't be a teacher. Aw! She decided to follow in her mom's footprints.  She and her husband currently are expecting their first little one.  Yeah!  My husband and I already have 6 beautiful grandchildren. Wesson is the oldest at 6, Oscar is 5, Cooper's 4, Wyatt just turned 3, Campbell is a year and half and little Willow isn't quite a year yet. It's fantastic being a grammy!! Love it!!

My husband, Rick is also an educator. He teaches at our local high school (give me the little ones any day)!  He is a industrial arts teacher.  Most years, his class is busy building a home in our community.  This year his class will be building our home and I will get to be an assistant!  Oh boy!!!   I get to be the assistant because I recently retired from teaching kindergarten.  I will also be babysitting the new little guy two days a week.  I don't feel old enough to have retired and I'm sure when all of my cohorts start work it will feel a little weird.  But, the opportunity was just too good to pass up!!!  And, I'm loving it!!! 

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