Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Feast with the Little People!!

Hi, everyone!  Just thought I'd post a few pictures of our Thanksgiving Feast with our kindergarten neighbors.  We had so much fun!  First, we shook up the butter.  In case you've never done this before it's just "whipping cream" in a jar or a clear plastic container.  I chose to use a plastic container and good thing.  It went flying one time during the churning process, lol.  Each child shook to their hearts content and then passed the container to their neighbor.  After we shook our cream into butter we all grabbed our headdresses, bonnets, hats and placemats and went out into the hall to enjoy our "mini" feast.  We tried cranberry sauce, corn muffins, butter and pumpkin bread.  Delicious!  They were so good and precious!  Check out our pictures below!

This first picture makes me a little sad!  Trevor's (the little guy shaking the butter) last day with us was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving!  He's such a neat little guy!  
We will all miss him a lot!
 Aren't they precious?!!
 Three little Native Americans!
 Cody, Trevor and Andrew (best buds!)
 Smile for the camera!!
 A view of all of us together!  50 little Pilgrims and Native Americans enjoying a little feast!
If you'd like to see more ideas of things happening in my kindergarten classroom just click any of the pictures above.  They are linked with my classroom blog for my students and their families.  Thanks!

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