Sunday, September 15, 2013

Happy Sunday!  Well, almost Monday.  I've been running a giveaway celebrating having home internet this weekend over on my facebook page.  I am so out of touch that I forgot to let you all know about it on here (my blog).  My last giveaway prize of the weekend is my new "Monthly Newsletter Template Set 2".  I will run the giveaway until tomorrow evening, so if any of you want to tag along please feel free.  You can either leave a comment "here" or on my facebook page with your email address and I will announce the winners tomorrow night!  Here's just a sneak peek! Or if you want you can see it on my TPT store page.  Have a great week everyone!!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Woozers!  Have you all thought I disappeared or something?  I feel so out of touch!  For all of you who have stuck with me this summer "thank you"!!  It's been since May 20ish since my husband and I moved.  And, we are still waiting on Internet service at our new home.  Yes, I'm trying to be patient.  I actually saw where they had sprayed where the power lines, etc. were this morning on my way to work.  So, maybe by Friday I'll have Internet at home and can get my TPT and blog life back, lol.  :0)  See, I'm still smiling.

I wanted to share our adorable little cowpokes with you.  Our classroom theme this year is "cowboys".  Not, Dallas Cowboys (sorry y'all), but the ride 'em cowboy kind.  These little guys took us 3 days in little spurts to make, but I'm so glad we took the time.  Check 'em out!!