Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Hello sweet friends!!  This week's challenge is "Dare to Dream"!  

First up on my "Dare to Dream" list, is spending more time with my family.  Both my "real" family and my former "school" family.  I have six little grandbabies and a newbie on the way in early September.  So, I know I won't be lacking for fun and exciting things to do.  This year will be a whole new experience for me, as I recently retired from teaching! That doesn't mean I won't still be involved with little ones.  My daughter is going to be teaching Pre-K and I plan on visiting my dear friends at my school I just left, as well as visiting my grandkids for lunch, etc.  Yeah!! 

Next up, is helping to build our new home along with my husband's Building Trades class this next school year.  Each year my husband's high school class helps to build a home in our community.  This next school year it will be our very own home, that is, if we get our utility service moved and the basement poured.  It is so hard waiting around on other people to get their jobs done!  But, it will be okay!  When you're retired there is always tomorrow, lol! 

Finally, I have been a part of TPT for the past 3 years and would like to spend more of my time creating and learning how to social network with others like you.  I have to admit I haven't been a very good blogger over the past year and I need to make a much more concentrated effort to share with you each week.  I also need to learn how to use the social networking sites better.  I'm learning how to use "Instagram" and "Facebook" a little bit more each day.  Maybe by the end of summer I'll have the hang of it!  Let's hope!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015




   It's fun to go back and see what I thought was a "cute" unit when I started on TPT and see what appeals to me now.  So, to help me do this I'm joining the TPT Sellers Challenge!   I am very excited about working on some older units this summer and spicing them up!  This challenge gives me the opportunity to share with you these improvements (or at least I feel they're a little cuter)!  If you'd like to join the "challenge" you can click on the picture below!!    


I have three revamped or updated products so far!  First up my favorite,  "The Three Little Pigs and B. B. Wolf".  I love the new look and I've changed almost all of the pages a little.  I hope you'll check it out over at my TPT store.  But, here is a little sneak peak!!  

Thanks for stopping by!  You can check out 2 little writing "freebies" by clicking on "freebies"!!  Enjoy!